Deposit Request

Deposit Request


Work to be done:

Small plan modifications estimate: $75.00

  • Swap toilet/vanity location

  • Step down bathroom wall framing (at door) from 2x6 to 2x

  • Relocate closet to opposite side of room

  • Callout request: Santa Barbara-style stuck, smooth drywall and stained concrete floors as notes.

New sheets to be added: $300.00 flat fee ($150.00 apiece)

  • Add electrical plans (from client sketches)

  • Plumbing plan + isometric detail

Structural modifications estimate: 8-12 hours @ $75.00/hr

  • Swapping front window and entry door

  • Covert the roof bump out to a balcony + add a door to the second story for access - not sure, several hours for new details, etc.

  • NEW Attached carport

Estimated delivery date: On or before 12/10/2018

Deposit to be applied toward final fees. Please email with any questions. Thank you. Post-plan modifications and building department requests are assessed at $75.00 per hour.

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