Circuit #5, Arbor Day and Moving Ahead

Yesterday we started pulling wire in the Beekeeper’s Bungalow. It was a momentous occasion not because there is a tremendous amount of complexity to it, but because we’ve been kind of at a semi-standstill in terms of the house building process. I have a feeling that for all do it yourself builders, this happens. Life, as they say, has a tendency to get in the way! We have been rewardingly busy with several drafting projects for others getting ready to build. There’ve been some technical slowdowns at the website, including a very annoying hacking attempt that was probably very amusing for the programmers doing the hack but took us some number of hours to sort out. Then the electrician who is overseeing our work in the wiring is so extremely busy that we have had a hard time meeting up with him. And then there’s work in general, which does need to get done! I would be lying if I said that I am an incredibly patient person who rolled perfectly with every punch, good and bad, but let’s just say that after several weeks, we are getting back into a rhythm. Running that first circuit (circuit #5) yesterday was a really good hurdle to have jumped. It is our goal now to run one circuit a day. There are a total of 7 major electrical circuits in the Beekeeper’s Bungalow. This seems like a reasonable amount of work to get done each day, which will also allow us to each work on our paid work, as well! Balance. Tricky!

In other news, we also did some landscaping this week. We’ve been slowly building a path and series of edged borders in the front yard, planning out how to connect the driveway to the front porch. We’ve come up with a curved path that is nice and wide and (hopefully) inviting and included a few more curving beds in the front yard to make things a little less rigid (and to reclaim some of that driveway!). This Friday, on Arbor Day it turns out, we bought three flowering cherries and planted them around the yard. We wanted a taller tree to plant outside the windows of the little orange house and the bright pink, blowsy blooms of the cherries right now proved irresistible. We started out with two trees (there were three at the local nursery) but went back for the other when we started planting. Seems good to keep the family together and we are glad we did in terms of balance. It occurred to me – again – that I just love gardening and planting! There’s a similar quality to building in the process. Building a home, at its best, is necessarily an act of hope, expectation and good faith. Growing a garden, building the vision of it in your mind and then in the soil itself, really requires the same of the dreamer. Both structure and landscape require patience – you don’t get a finished product all at once. It takes time for it to all come together. And yet, both aspirations give the pursuer of the dream pleasure straight through from the planning stages all the way to fruition.

I was struck last night, as we stepped into the street to take a satisfying look at the days work to see how the yard work is starting to hold together now. The two projects are holding hands at last. Things are starting to make sense to the senses. The trees make the yard connect to the house. I love the way they sway slightly in the breeze and feel glad that wind storm season is past. I hope their roots will take and they can grow to their best potential out there. I like the idea that the house and the garden can grow together now. Perhaps best of all, from our vantage point at the road I could see some wire sticking out of the front wall where the front porch lamp will hang. Ahhh, beautiful circuit #5. The sweet satisfaction of moving ahead.