CNN: Tiny Homes Hit the Big City

Jamie Talks About Living Small in “Tiny Homes Hit the Big City”

This week we got a tiny bit of press when CNN did a telephone interview with me for inclusion in the following article:

Tiny Homes Hit the Big City by Emanuella Grinberg, CNN

In Point Roberts, Washington, Jamie Dehner was surprised to learn that while there are no limits on how big you build a home, the same isn’t true for building small. To get around Whatcom County regulations requiring a permit to build their 160-square-foot home with plumbing, the Dehners built their home on a trailer bed, subject to different regulations as a recreational vehicle.


The Dehners stayed there while working on a bigger home on their property, which is nearly done, she said. At 700 square feet, it seems like a mansion. But they enjoyed their time in the smaller dwelling for a variety of reasons.

“A small space is easy to clean, heat and there’s a wonderful coziness about it. You are all tucked in with the things you need and use the most and that’s appealing psychologically,” Dehner said.

“It’s a fantastically liberating experience to live in a small space that is also hugely fun and entertaining, not just for you as the builder and occupant, but for others who pass by and just want to peek inside. And whether you stay in a tiny house permanently or end up building, you’ve got a perfect guest cottage that you can share with friends, family, sell or rent out.”

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