Back in the Siding Again

Island house living room, nearly complete!

To say that we got a lot done this week feels like an understatement. The weather is warm and we are busy as bees!  Here’s what we did this week…

Odds & ends

We started out by putting up all the face frames around the built in bookcases and got them trimmed and painted. What an improvement!  We also did a lot of odds and ends jobs (they are never big things, but getting them off the list feels huge!) including spackling some areas where the drywall was cut a little large around outlets and the recessed lighting, installing base trim moulding around the french doors and fireplace, and installing door handles. The rest of the siding was delivered early on Friday morning and the weather was cloudy but dry - allowing me to start in on priming right away. I broke out the paint sprayer again and remembered as soon as I started using it why it’s such a joy to use - what speed it provides!  We also installed the louvered vents in the garage attic and hung our medicine cabinet in the master bathroom.

More Painting

Me and my old friend, Mr. Paint Sprayer! 

I spent Friday and Saturday priming and got the painting done Sunday - we have a small amount of siding with its first coat of paint on but I’ll have to pick up another gallon of paint to finish the job. Still and all, we now have a huge pile of ready to go siding and quite a lot of good weather in the forecast. We also installed the handrails along the stair sand got them varnished and sparkling.

Kitchen Cabinet Face Frames

Shawn got started on all the face frames in the kitchen, installing the last of them before dinner this evening. Even seeing the cabinets with minimal framing on them makes such a difference!  All of a sudden, things are moving right along. We’ll hold off on providing any kitchen photos till next week, but we are well underway with the kitchen work now.

While there’s still a lot to do on our list - these moves forward really propel us in the right direction. 

Preparing for the final inspection

Blower door test results: ACH50 1.13

Last but not least, we accomplished a few of the requirements for our final occupancy permit - the inspection for which we’ll be calling for very shortly. We had the fire marshal out to examine the driveway and he okay’ed us on that. We also had our blower door test done - scored very high points on that one thanks to painstaking caulking and foam air sealing of joints and seams all along the construction path and our use of spray foam insulation. Average scores are 4 in our area and we scored a 1.13. To give you an idea of what that means, if you’re an energy geek (like us), Passivhaus standards are at .6 typically. We might have scored even higher - two of our outgoing vents (kitchen and HRV outtake) weren’t even sealed off. We were quite pleased. Lastly, we corrected a mix up with our septic inspection - we had it inspected and the report sent in back in November, but lines got crossed and the ok was never actually filed, unbeknownst to us. After a couple of phone calls, we got that straightened out as well. 

(A little) rest & relaxation

More exciting photos to come next week as we look forward to siding, kitchen work, and a weekend visit from friends coming all the way from Vermont!

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