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How do I download a plan?

FAQSShawn A. Dehner

Go to the CATALOG and select a plan.

  1. Find the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the house plan details.
  2. Click to Download and wait for the plan to fully download onto your computer. This may take several minutes if you have a slower connection.
  3. Open the plan, which is a PDF, using an Adobe Reader (You can download Adobe Reader for free).

How Are People Using Your Small House Plans?

FAQSShawn A. Dehner

Our houses have been built or are under construction throughout the country and Canada! There are many options for small houses, including:

What Are Your Terms And Conditions?

FAQSShawn A. Dehner

When you download a plan from THE small HOUSE CATALOG you're receiving a set of digital prints and a license to build a single house from those prints (for additional information, please read our License Agreement & Stock Plan Disclaimer). All other applications require approval from THE small HOUSE CATALOG. You may not distribute, upload, download, sell or offer any plan without permission from THE small HOUSE  CATALOG.


Why Do You Give Plans Away For Free?

FAQSShawn A. Dehner

We want to see more well built small houses. Houses that are...

  • cost effective for their locations
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • utilitarian
  • energy-efficient
  • as non-toxic as possible
  • built with good materials
  • designed to merge with places (not just be moved in and out places)
  • simple to construct
  • made to last for generations.

Do The Plans Have An Architect's Stamp?

FAQSShawn A. Dehner

No. An architect's stamp is not required to submit house plans for permitting anywhere in the country. A plan may be required to undergo a structural engineering review by a licensed structural engineer. This is typical and most common in seismic and high wind regions of the United States and Canada. Architects are artists and they, like designers, draftsmen, and homeowners, are all potentially subject to engineering reviews. 

Check your local building department for details and read Our License Agreement & Stock Plan Disclaimer for additional information.

Can Free Plans Be Submitted To A Building Department?

FAQSShawn A. Dehner

Yes, plans are ready for submission to any building department in the United States. All plans are drawn in accordance with the International Residential Code and the Washington State Energy Code. Plans may be electronically submitted, emailed or printed.

Additional drafting, including seismic and high wind engineering, etc., may be required.

Please check your local building department for submission requirements.

What's Included In A Set Of House Plans?

FAQSShawn A. Dehner

Each plan is designed to current code (IRC) and ready for submission to building departments in the United States & Canada. Typical house plan sets include:

  • 3D images of your house 
  • General construction notes
  • Exterior elevations
  • Dimensioned floor plans
  • Building cross sections
  • Wall sections & details
  • Foundation plan & details
  • Roof plan & details
  • Interior kitchen elevations
  • Selected architectural details
  • Basic window & doors schedules

I'm no longer taking on general clients for draftwork. However, you're welcome to email me for personal consideration if you think you've got a unique design that requires drafting.


Can I sell your plans?

FAQSShawn A. Dehner

No, plans from THE small HOUSE CATALOG may not be sold, uploaded, downloaded  or distributed in any fashion, electronically or in print, without written permission.

Our policy is generous however and you're welcome to email us for consideration.