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Ithaca House

What are we up to? Shed work!

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A modern style shed with cedar siding and site built sliding barn doors

This week we're finishing our 4' x 12' storage shed for the Ithaca Modern house. Here Jamie is applying a non-toxic iron-oxide treatment to the western red cedar siding which will patina the wood to a velvety grey to match the house. Site-built sliding box rail doors give us plenty of opening to store tools, bicycles, and more. It's not ideal but believe it or not it's fairly spacious and should suit our long-term needs at this location. 

Ithaca Modern update!

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Marvin Integrity Windows

Oh yes, we're still working on the Ithaca Modern house in Point Roberts! Much of the work is tying up loose ends: adding trim work, casings, finishing off siding outside. This week we knocked off most of our list with the window and door casings, made from simple pine cut down into low-profiles. The casing work will eventually be whitewashed to bring it all together yet still leave some visible grain in keeping with the cottage's rustic-modern approach. 

Today Jamie sprayed on an iron-oxide recipe made by Eco Wood Treatment from British Columbia. We bought ours from Sunbury Cedar in Vancouver, BC. The non-toxic water based treatment is applied and immediately patinas the western red cedar, which will continue to silver throughout the upcoming wet season. It already brings together the siding!

More photos soon!

Shiplap Siding for a Small House!

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1x5 cedar shiplap siding with rainscreen.

1x5 cedar shiplap siding with rainscreen.

The siding is a simple 5 inch facing cedar shiplap that we chose for its modern, natural, somewhat rugged appearance and straightforward application. So far it’s been really nice to work with. We’ve managed to nearly complete the front and back sides and the east and west sides are moved all the way up to the upper window lines. This weekend we have, at last, a length of sunny skies in the forecast and will finish our work then.

Making progress.

This is what we're aiming for...

This is what we're aiming for...

Once the siding is all the way to the top, we can complete the metal roofing trim and the outside will be essentially completed. We have used stainless steel nails for the siding to prevent nail bleeding. In terms of finish stains, many of the coatings for cedar available encourage a uniform yellow, brown or reddish look that doesn’t really capture the gorgeous variations that fresh new cedar has (right now the colors are like Southwestern mesas…lots of red and rich golden yellow…spectacular! Instead of trying a stain, we’re going to encourage the silver aging of the wood by using a natural product called Eco Wood, manufactured right on Salt Spring Island to the west of us. We briefly considered vinegar and steel wool, which is said to achieve a similar effect, but weren't confident we'd enjoy all the rubbing required to rub down an entire house! We’re pretty excited to try it out and will do a more thorough report on that when the time comes. 

Nearly done.