Siding in the sun!

Surprise - we had another week of warm weather and many sunny days! Trees are in bloom everywhere, a real brightener to the mental and the physical landscape. We’ve been working like the dickens to meet our self imposed goal of finishing the house by the end of May and we had good progress this week. Here's what we did:

Painting & siding, cont.

We started hanging our remaining primed and painted siding on Sunday and I finished painting up our last six 20 foot lengths of cedar siding the other day. We've now installed all that we had on the ground. The rest is on order, some of which will arrive on Monday. It’s time to get out the paint sprayer! Wow, suddenly we've got garage space and can now think about hanging the garage doors at last. 

3/4" x 8" cedar bevel siding, an easy & rewarding two person task.

Siding goes up fast!

Crowning achievements

Crown moulding on the first floor is installed in all rooms but the kitchen and the dining room lights are finally hanging! We also installed all of the upstairs bedroom and bathroom doors and have given them their painting. Today Shawn installed the moulding around the doors and I’ll be priming and painting them this week.

It’s a treat to see the siding going up and something to look forward to seeing when we come home from town!  The sunny yellow of the siding is especially cheerful when complemented by clear blue skies. Ahhh…perhaps there will be more in the week to come. More news next week!