Island House Update: Casing the Joint

We have achieved an aesthetic milestone this week! We have begun and largely finished casing the windows and doors throughout the house. We had a load of trim material delivered a week and a half ago and allowed it to acclimate while taking a couple of days to celebrate Shawn's birthday and catch up on drafting work. 

This past week we set to cutting all the components to trim the windows and doors - inner and outer casings, head casings, aprons and sills. Many components, all needing their cuts and some sanding, made for a good week of work and are now largely installed. The wood is raw at this point but this coming week will see the priming and painting be worked on. 

We also placed a large order for kitchen door hardware and hinges and drawer slides from Lee Valley (love those free shipping events!). Shawn is using a Blum jig for the hinge installation and is beginning to get excited to try it out. We are getting closer and closer to kitchen cabinet work, though there are still a few weeks to go and the first floor ceiling needs to be insulated for noise and the beautiful Pac Pine ceiling panels installed before we get there. 

Still and all, it's felt like a solid and sane week of good progress on the finishing work and we're looking forward to the weeks to come. Now things are really starting to come together, something, perhaps even more than birthdays, to celebrate!