Preparing for Siding

This week the state of Washington rejoiced as sunny skies and temperatures in the 60’s made a long awaited appearance.

We took the week of sun and got outside…not only did we get to bask in the rays and savor several days in a row of perfect blue skies and afternoons warm enough for tank tops, but we made some wonderful progress preparing the house for the siding job…we may even start it next week.

For some reason I had it in my mind that we would just go out on the first sunny day and begin nailing up the primed and painted siding I have had waiting in the garage since my painting bonanza last fall. I had forgotten how much prep work is required before that can begin. So this week we got all of our prep work done.

Window & door casings

We started out by measuring all the doors and windows for trim/casing material and then beginning to prep the cedar and fir for the job. We ripped down rough cut island grown cedar to length and then pieced together all of the window frames. These we used pocket hole joinery to build the frames, tested for fit, and primed and painted. Friday we nailed the assembled window frames into place and today we worked on casing all the french doors. We finished the day up with installing the cor-a-vent bug screening at the base of the house and installing all the flashing over windows, doors and the pergola. 

The season of painting has begun!

While I was on painting duty this week, Shawn finished the outdoor wiring, including the flood lights, our entry lamps and the outdoor electrical boxes. We are now officially done with wiring, inside and out!

And we are ready to start siding! More photos soon...