Ithaca House: Beams, Rafters & Roof Sheathing!

The summer weather is here and we are making great progress on our house!

Last Sunday we built the interior load bearing wall - a stud wall area and two built up posts where a more open entrance area will be. We built the overhead beam in place from 2 x 8 material as the location where our rafters would meet and be attached.

This week we installed our 2 x 12 rafters front and back. They were 18 foot lengths and we overhung them 2 feet in the front for an eave that will eventually be boxed in to house speakers and lighting, and extended for aesthetic by attaching them via pergola to some posts yet to be installed up front.

We also had our roof sheathing (⅝” CDX) delivered along with the foam insulation that we will use for exterior insulation.

The plywood we installed today - it went quite smoothly and just about concludes any heavy lifting required for this job. It’s been a smooth process, quite a joy to work on!  The simplicity of the design is delighting us at every turn!

This week we’ll continue work on the roof. We’ll nail the plywood down, paper it, and then prepare the framing around the outside for the exterior insulation. Then we’ll install all the foam boards. We hope to perhaps install the posts for the side porch and get that underway as well. We’re also placing our metal roofing order this week. Looking forward to having a roof on before summer’s end!