No. 40 - The Shaughnessy House (3-bedroom, 2-bath, Modern) House Plan

Designed for Southern Exposure!

Download the free plan for this three bedroom, two bathroom modern shed-roof style house. The design allows you to build a family sized small house that's super-insulated and maximized for serious southern exposure. The original plan is being built in Idaho but would be great for any sunny locale.  

This is a client based design drafted by THE small HOUSE CATALOG and offered as an open source construction document. Plan may be downloaded, printed and submitted to building departments in the United States & Canada. 

No. 40: Shaughnessy

This house was built in Utah 2016.

Collaborative Design

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Floors: 1

Conditioned space: 1,320 sq ft

Overall dimensions: 54' x 30'

Foundation type: Insulated Slab

Heating & Cooling: Superinsulated, mini-split heat pump, wood-burning stove

Print size: 24" x 36"

Immediate PDF download with license to build

Design criteria: International Residential Code. Additional engineering or modifications may be required in your area, check local codes.

A modifiable SketchUp Model is available for this plan.

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