Small House Charm - Jewelry Style!

Jewelry by Bobbie Marquette

Including a link to a jewelry maker’s website is something of a one off for us in our monthly mailing, but we think when you see these handcrafted little beauties made by our good friend Bobbie Marquette you’ll understand why we couldn’t resist sharing with you! 

Bobbie has been handcrafting unique and gorgeous jewelry for years and has recently shared with us her delightful tiny house series of pendants. 

Check out more tiny house charms and pendants at

As a fellow bird lover, I’ve always been a big fan of her many avian inspired pieces, but I have to admit that these cute little tiny house charms are a real temptation and perhaps might make a special gift for the small and tiny house lover and dreamer in your life.

Please check out her new website and let her know what you think! Or, visit her blog to see photos of her new studio, enjoy her latest work, and subscribe to her mailing list. 

Bobbie lives Point Roberts, Washington in a cozy hand made house that she and her music loving husband built together. They recently added a spectacular studio so Bobbie can work from home.


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