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Island House: finished roof, windows and doors

Island HouseShawn A. Dehner9 Comments

This week we saw our roof assembly completed and not too soon as our seasonal rain pattern has started establishing itself. For now we're still enjoying some sunshine, if cooler, and this has allowed us to make progress on getting the cedar bevel siding painted so we'll be able to install it as the season gets colder; crisp, sunny days will be great weather for hanging siding.

In addition, this week we'll finish the rough-in plumbing and electrical.

With our roof shingling completed and Marvin Integrity black windows installed we're finally closed-in.

The clipped gables take on their own appeal now that the roofing assembly is finished.

Jamie has been enjoying the unexpected sunshine and cool temperatures. She's been busy priming and painting the cedar bevel siding and she's nearly done!

Plenty of southern exposure for our French doors.

The Asian influence on the Ladybug House. Looks like a Samurai's helmet!