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Andrey Batlutskey's Sago Project!

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Andrey Batlutsky

Andrey Batlutsky

Andrey Batlutskey is building a Sago as a getaway cottage in a quiet, wonderfully treed area outside Moscow, Russia. In seeing the photos as they've come in I've been surprised just how much the area looks similar to northwest Washington state where I live and work. I need to find out what type of wood he's using, it looks like spruce to my eye...but I'll let you know what I find out. Whatever species he's using he's doing some awesome work framing  - and that's in a place where light-frame construction is not as common as it is in the United States and Canada. [Update: Andrey's lumber is pine - similar to East coast Canada and the US with stud & rafter dimensions @ 155mm x 40mm & 200mm x 50mm, respectively. However, these dimensions are larger than our standard North American stock lumber, it's closer in size to "rough-cut" true dimensions. For instance, I purchase British Columbia rough-cut Western Red Cedar outside Vancouver, BC that's closer to those dimensions].

Andrey's project is the first full housebuilding project from Russia to be brought to my attention so a generous thank you to him for taking time to send out photos. I'm confident more will follow, and I'll work to learn more about the materials being used, so check back again soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the most recent photos (some just came in today) and please give our friends working hard this summer a shout of encouragement from wherever you are in the world!