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LG LRBP1031W Refrigerator Review


Don’t be fooled by the romantic name of this fridge! The LRBP1031W is a fantastic fridge and a small one at that. We really debated refrigerators. We do a huge amount of gardening, so a lot of our food is coming fresh out of the garden. In that sense, we don’t need a huge fridge. We couldn’t fit one in if we wanted to, anyway. On the other hand, we cook from scratch, eat mostly at home, and need a real refrigerator. No matter how much you grow in the garden, a fridge is an important part of the kitchen. A small dorm style unit would have been very space conserving but just wouldn’t have suited our needs. We chose this one after seeing it “in person” at a friend’s beach cabin. It’s tall and narrow with a bottom freezer. The freezer has three deep drawers which are very convenient for stacking and storing. We have a ton of berries in the freezer right now and there’s still room for many other things as the cubic storage seems to really save on space. There’s also a quick freeze drawer at the top where we keep ice packs and ice trays. For ice cream fans (and I only mention this because it’s SO important), the freezer drawer will fit the Kitchen Aid ice cream bowl. You have to tilt and jostle it a bit, but what matters is that in the end, you can store it in there!

The top refrigerator section is spacious. It has three drawers, three shelves and the door has ample space for tall things (including wine bottles), a butter (or whatever) box, egg tray, and little shelves ranged in size for storage of smaller items. I’ve found this a great size fridge. It’s not too small for anything. And the unit itself is not humongous, so we are able to tuck it into the kitchen and it really works!

Another thing that I love about this refrigerator is that it’s incredibly quiet. If, for you, the sound of a humming refrigerator is at all annoying, imagine what a problem this could become in a very small space. The LG is truly quiet. I rarely if ever register its sound. I love this refrigerator. Great purchase.

If I can also plug a bit for LG’s customer service, I feel compelled to do so. When we unpacked this refrigerator and installed it, the seal around the door had been wrinkled in transit and wasn’t sealing the fridge door. After waiting a week or so without success to see if the seal would uncoil itself and work properly, we called LG to ask them to please send a new seal out to us. This they could not do. However, they sent a whole new refrigerator out to us, no charge, no questions asked! They merely asked us to send in the sticker on the side of the unit with the model and serial numbers. We thought the response was excessive but obviously more than satisfactory. I would have preferred, truthfully, that they just send the seal, since it was all that was required, but in terms of good responses and willingness to fix a mistake, LG really impressed me with their commitment to customer service. Having done a fair amount of building and remodeling over the years has given me a certain (over) familiarity with the process of sometimes needing manufacturers to honor warranties. LG is far and away the most honorable company I’ve worked with in that regard. I’ll definitely recommend them.

All told, the refrigerator speaks for itself, anyway: It’s quiet, very well designed, attractive, and super functional, all in a smaller package that doesn’t skimp on quality. This is a great refrigerator. By the way, it comes in white and a stainless style finish.

Stiebel-Eltron SHC-4 Water Heater Review

Stiebel-Eltron SHC-4 3.96 gallon water heater

Stiebel-Eltron SHC-4 3.96 gallon water heater

This is the second water heater by Steibel Eltron that we have purchased. Stiebel Eltron is a German company and we used an on demand electric model at our self built home in Maine. They’re great machines by a quality company. When we moved into our tiny home, we needed a small water heating unit and originally went with a Bosch-Ariston GL6, which had very good reviews online. It leaked. It was replaced with another one. It leaked too. The design of the model we had just wasn’t great. We opted to return the bad heater and went back to the German made Stiebel Eltron, but in a (less than) four gallon size that fits underneath our counter tops and supplies us with a perfect amount of very hot water. The Stiebel-Eltron SHC 4 heats rapidly, noiselessly, and has a very sensitive temperature gage that lets you control how hot your water gets. It can get very hot, there are no problems with cold showers. Four gallons sounds like a very small amount of hot water, but the tank reheats in less than half an hour (it has a light that lets you know when it is actively heating). For showering comfort, we combined this water heating unit with an ultra low flow shower head from Bricor (.5 gals/min) and we are able to take nearly 15 minute showers, if we so desire. It’s a great combo and highly recommended. There are no leaks associated with the Steibel Eltron because all the water hook ups are on top of the unit rather than on the side, as with the Bosch unit. It’s also built well (and surprisingly in the EU).

I would recommend this as an area to seriously examine design as water leaks are very demoralizing, particularly if you want to have a hot shower to wash your stress away. The Stiebel Eltron has been a real winner for us in this new application. The 4 gallon unit doesn’t have a tremendous energy demand either, although if you are using a 20 or 30 amp service, like us, you might want to give it its own line of electricity. We originally hooked up the oven and the water heater on the same circuit and had the breaker pop, so we rewired. Just a thought if the situation applies to you!