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Prize Winners Announced!

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Skyway Cottage Giveaway Winners!

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in our giveaway for the Skyway Cottage plans by leaving comments on the blog and on Facebook. We sincerely enjoyed reading all the comments and used a random number generator this evening to select the winners...they are as follows:

Ellen Murphy for her facebook comment.

Judy Cumius, Eric Grolemund and Denise (no last name provided) from comments on the blog entry and a bonus winner, Karen Hankins, also from our blog comments - Karen, you are a bonus winner due to a counting error on our part! We might just include that "mistake" again - some are worth repeating.

We have tried to contact everyone but our blog does not include people's emails, so hopefully you'll get our responses to your comments and get in touch with us soon to arrange PDF delivery of the plans. 

We enjoyed the robust participation for this giveaway so much that we are going to repeat it every season, look for the next plan giveaway contest on Labor Day...and in the meantime, may your summer be full of warm and happy days!

Bricor Shower Head Review and Giveaway!


The Leader in Low Flow Shower Heads and Water Saving Products.

As many of our readers are aware, we have been “buttoning up” the Beekeeper’s Bungalow over the last couple of weeks. While we’ve had phenomenally dry, truly spectacular weather in this transition to fall time of year, the very thought of showers and water flow of any kind has been somewhat of a verboten subject in our household. However, THE small HOUSE CATALOG was recently given the opportunity to try out a special low flow shower head, the B100 Ultramax, made by the folks at Bricor. This is the kind of shower that I can talk about quite freely and happily and now that the roof is safely on and working well (we had our first light rain shower this afternoon to test it out) I’d really like to share my thoughts with readers about this product. I have to admit that Shawn and I have had overwhelmingly positive results with the B100 Ultramax and love it.

From now until October 15, 2012 we’re hosting a giveaway of one brand new Bricor B100 Max shower head, a sibling of the B100 Ultramax, and a $74.95 value. Please read on for your chance to win and see what you think of this product!

About Bricor’s Most Water Efficient Shower Heads:

B100 Ultramax & B100 Max

The B100 Ultramax is an ultra low flow shower head specially designed for situations like RV’s  - or tiny houses – where you might have only limited water to use at one time. Since we are currently living in our tiny house, an ultra low flow shower head solves a number of needs. For one thing, like most people these days, we are aware and always trying to be more aware of our water usage. Northwest winters are notoriously wet and rainy, but summers are super dry, and this has been a very dry one, and while obviously advantageous and just what you hope for when building, this dryness also gives one pause for thought. With so much of the country in extreme drought, water saving and conservation is something high on most people’s list of environmentally responsible priorities. But our tiny house gives us a further reason to be water conscious; and that’s the importance of being able to take a decently long shower when dealing with a water heater that holds less than 4 gallons of hot water! You read that correctly: less than 4 gallons. In our tiny house, using the B100 Ultramax we enjoy 15 minute showers that use less than 4 gallons of hot water. It’s amazing! Bricor’s patented Vinturi Physics aeration technology makes it feel like you are getting much more water than you actually are. How? By using air to “fluff up” the water and making it spread over a larger area. This means more coverage and a stronger feeling stream. The ultra low flow nature of the Bricor B100 Max (1 GPM) and Ultramax (.5525 GPM) means that anyone can enjoy a long, luxurious hot shower while saving water and not running through a limited quantity of hot water in your RV, tiny house, cottage, or whatever application you are using these shower heads. The B100 Ultramax and B100 Max are small shower heads with plenty of heft. Right away you know they are not plastic. They feel like good tools made to last a lifetime. They’re also handsome with their shiny chrome finishes. Note: If you have different finishes, you can find a variety of finish options available for different Bricor heads. It’s also easy to install these shower heads on any new or existing plumbing: simply unscrew the old water-wasting shower head, if you have one, wrap a little plumber’s tape around the threading of your wall stub-out and screw on the Bricor. You’re ready for your first wonderful low-flow shower!

The Bricor Touch

Something unique and impressive about buying directly from Bricor is that the folks there will help “personalize” your shower head. By that I mean that they will ask you about your particular psi, rather than assuming you have a particular flow rate, so they can “set” the shower head to run most efficiently for your application. You just call your local water department – or find out what your well flows at. For example, our local water department told us that our pressure is 110 psi. We have a pressure reducer installed at our water meter due to high water pressure and this brings our psi down to about 50 to 55. The B100 Ultramax that we tried out is set to flow at .55 gpm (gallons per minute) at 55 psi. Something important to note here is that an ultra low flow shower head will work exceptionally well and will truly reduce your water usage in the shower, but in order to function, you’ve got to pay attention to your psi. If you try to use an ultra low flow shower head set to flow at 1 gpm at 50 psi but your actual psi is 110, you will not have the results you are looking for. I thought this was important to stress because typically when you purchase a shower head, water flow is not primarily on your mind. You might be looking at the style or finish and not give much thought to your psi. That’s all fine and well. Bricor offers a variety of finishes (from chrome to satin nickel and other options in between) for their shower heads, but you’ll definitely want to inform yourself and Bricor of your psi so that the truly special quality of the shower head, that being the water saving ability of the head, can be maximized.

Getting Down to the Dirt…

I had some concerns that a water saving unit might render up the savings either in a maddeningly wimpy flow that leaves you feeling as though you can’t get enough water out of the head to get the soap off or such a lot of air flowing with the water that pressure might feel good but you still can’t get the soap off. The Bricor doesn’t have these problems at all. The flow is strong and “watery.” It’s not so strong that it feels like you are being pelted with nails but there’s no wimpiness to the flow either. It’s just a nice, steady, strong flow that seems balanced perfectly. It’s warm, satisfying and pleasantly effective. I suppose I really feel like I can’t say enough good things about our own Bricor shower head. Bricor offers a simple solution to a problem that in one way or another all of us encounter. For tiny house enthusiasts, RV’ers, and others the B100 Ultramax and other shower heads in Bricor’s ultra low flow category will be a welcome addition to the plumbing because it solves a space related problem of how to take a reasonably long and comfy hot shower while using a necessarily tiny hot water heater. For those living in very arid conditions, or other locations where water is a costly and conserved resource, the B100 Ultramax will provide similar benefits in terms of water conservation more obviously than hot water preservation.  For all of us (and there are many of us now) who are concerned about water as the precious resource that it is, the Bricor series of low flow and ultra low flow shower heads will help you to be a part of the solution to water wastage. You’ll feel better and notice the difference only in your overall water bill rather than in a lowered sense of comfort in the shower.

Bricor Shower Head Giveaway Details:

Tell the world how you enjoy saving water in the comments section below or right at the Bricor posting on Facebook.

It can be any way at all, just share your ideas!

A random comment will be chosen as the winner and we will arrange to ship the shower head to you.

The giveaway contest will end on October 15th at 6 pm pst, so get your comments posted at the end of this blog post or on Facebook ASAP!