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Product Review: The Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

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This stovetop was chosen primarily for space saving features (it’s a single burner) and for portability. We often cook when we travel so we thought this stove would both work for our little kitchen and also be a useful tool when needing a portable stove. The unit is somewhat large for a single burner stove but the sensor in the unit allows this unit to service different sized pots and pans. That for me was a big plus over our little hotplate. That unit was impossible to put a big saute pan on as the outer edges hung over the burner and would never get hot. This unit solves that problem.

While this unit has been a real plus in terms of allowing me to do all the stovetop cooking I need to do in a small space, there are actually a couple drawbacks to it. It’s a noisy unit. The fan in the device comes on every time you use it. You get used to the sound but it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, kind of like a noisy fan. That’s the big drawback. Secondly, depending on what kind of cookware you use, an induction model can be a drawback in that only ferrous materials will work on it. That means cast iron, enameled or otherwise, and various types of (usually) higher end stainless steel covered cookware. In my case, most of my cookware was compatible with the unit so it wasn’t an issue. If you consider induction, read about whether your current cast of pots and pans will function on it, though. And a word to the would be wise from one who learned…not all stainless steel pots and pans, even expensive ones, work on this unit! And some cheap pans will surprise you. My water bath canner, a simple black enameled model, worked perfectly. So do your homework and rejoice in your accumulated knowledge of pot and pan materials.

Pluses to this unit include that it’s a single burner model that both saves space and also self adjusts to the size of the pan you are using allowing you to efficiently use several sized pots and pans. It’s energy efficient. It heats things super quickly although only requiring a 110 outlet. The burner top cools down almost immediately despite warnings to the contrary. This unit cleans up beautifully and easily. Things do not burn on to the surface of this induction model in the same way that they do on glass top stoves, which is a real plus in my book. My prior experiences trying to clean stuff off a regular glass top stove had me wishing I was substantial enough to pick up and hurl the stove out the nearest window. This unit preserves my mental peace and requires no questionable chemicals to remove residue from its surface. All in all, this has been a good fit for our needs. It’s a compact enough unit and I like the way things cook on it. I expect most induction units would have similar pluses and minuses but overall, I consider this one of the appliances that has been helpful to me in the tiny kitchen!