12 reasons I prefer small houses to tiny houses (on wheels)

Tiny house or small house? 

Tiny house or small house? 

Weighing in on personal experience buying land, designing small and tiny houses (on wheels), building them, living in them, and selling them, I'm convinced small is the way to go. 

  1. They're bigger without being big.
  2. They're energy efficient without being tiny. 
  3. They're not much harder to build than tiny houses.
  4. They handle extreme weather better.
  5. They can be properly insured.
  6. They have longer potential lifespans, meaning they should last generations.
  7. They're not much more expensive to build than tiny houses.
  8. They have better resale value than tiny houses.
  9. They appreciate in value while tiny houses, like cars and RVs, depreciate
  10. They're more utilitarian with broader appeal.
  11. They encourage fidelity to places as opposed to just passing thru them.
  12. They have just enough room for my piano.

Small houses are a better choice in almost every aspect. 

I say almost because tiny houses have their places too. 

But I'll leave that for another time.

What do you think?