The Soothing Quality of Cabinetry

Room enough for a future island, if desired.

All the work this week has been in the kitchen as we push to finish our Island House project. 

Home made cabinet doors

For months, the kitchen cabinets have been in place but without doors...this past week we made all the doors and hung them for fit using European Blum hinges for the first time. We liked that the cabinet doors could be hung and tested for fit, installed fully with the hardware; but then the doors themselves could be easily popped off the hinging mechanisms and removed for sanding, priming and painting.

When the doors were finished and dried, it was so easy to put them back on the hinges and know that there wouldn't be a repeated process of testing for fit. The adjustable nature of the Blum hinges and the slow stop closure function was a real treat to work with, new to us in our cabinet work and definitely something we will use again.

Hand built drawers

Other projects this week have included building the drawers (again using soft stop hardware for the glides and Blum products, very nice!) and obviously getting all the cabinet doors done. Countertops have been re-oiled and are looking lustrous. Today we'll work on drawer faces and installing the shelving in the cabinets.

We will shortly put the last hardware on the drawers and the kitchen will be done.

Kitchen is now complete - May 16.


Kitchen sink in beech butcher block countertop.

Freshly oiled beech butcher block

Built-in appliances permit customization with cabinetry. (GE Profile)

A few photos of the kitchen in progress...