Sara Oggel Deposit Request

Sara Oggel Deposit Request


A deposit is requested to add new work to my calendar.

Estimated Drafting + Design: TBD

  • New house drafting + design rate (all finished spaces + garages): $3.00/sf

  • Porches: $3.00/sf

  • Pergola/deck/patio: $2.00/sf (size undetermined)

Enhanced Site Plan (required by county): $500.00

  • Site plan: $500.00 flat rate

Estimated Permitting Fees: $995.00

  • Feasibility Fee (trip-fee): $125.00

  • Projected paperwork/prep fees (including WSEC calculations): $500.00

  • Required trip-fees: typically three @ $125.00 each. Additional trips, though uncommon, may be required for certain projects. Additional trips are $125.00 per trip.


  • All post-plan modifications: $75.00 per hour

  • Engineering, if required, is additional.

  • County & state permitting fees are additional.

  • Printing fees are additional (estimate: $125.00-$150 typical)

  • Delivery date: On or before July 31, 2018 (finished plan)

Please email with any questions. Thank you!

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