News Update for Autumn (2012)

Summer is officially behind us…but it was a summer to remember. Warm sunny days stretched straight through September and allowed us to completely close in the Beekeeper’s Bungalow before rain ever fell. Though the rains have begun again, we’ve been dodging the drops long enough to frame up the covered porch these last couple of weeks. It’s our first time framing a hip roof, and it has been a pleasant challenge. The framing is really beautiful for a hip roof and we plan to leave it exposed from the interior so it can show off for years to come.

The front porch of the Beekeeper's Bungalow with its hip roof being framed in just ahead of the returning autumn rains. 

The front porch of the Beekeeper's Bungalow with its hip roof being framed in just ahead of the returning autumn rains. 

Since I’ve officially laid down my paint brush for the season and accepted that any further trim painting I do is going to have to wait for warmer days many months from now most likely, I thought I’d take up the keyboard again and enter a new season with a new blog entry. It’s been a while and it’s time to get back into the swing of things with writing.

We closed out the summer with a fun giveaway of a great product. Shauna Carritt Gerke won a Bricor B100 Max ultra low flow shower head by leaving a comment sharing how she conserves water – we hope that the showerhead will be a water saving pleasure for her and her family. We enjoyed the many, many comments we received and suppose the biggest regret with any giveaway is that you can only giveaway one item and there are always so many great entries. It may be a partial remedy to share that we will be hosting one additional showerhead giveaway in the next few months. It won’t be until 2013, but we’ll be using another Bricor showerhead product when finishing the main floor bathroom and will review this new product as well as host another giveaway. Hope we will get many more interesting comments at that time!

We are also starting to look forward at least a little to some new catalog releases. These releases will also have to wait until the new year to really get rolling, but at least we can offer a sneak preview. We’ve had a great deal of interest from customers and friends alike requesting or showing an interest in single floor house plans and we are going to release some. We are very much in the planning stage of this endeavor, but they are mentally in the works. In addition, we’re thinking about some new tiny house plans to release that will range in square footage from 160 to 500 square feet. Working on any building project seems to get the neurons engaged and eager to try new things…so we shall see what brainchildren can be raised up over the next six months.

It seems like a long time to be in the planning stages for releasing upcoming plans, but much of our energy will go toward finishing the Beekeeper’s Bungalow. We are just about to move our work inside for the season and hope you will join us for many photos of that work, which will include building a staircase, wiring and plumbing, insulating and carrying on with all the rest of trimmings…all the way to finishing work, like built-ins and more. Your comments and encouragement on Facebook and at the website have been morale boosters and a lot of fun to engage with over the last couple of months and we hope to carry on the conversation…