Doors Galore and Siding No More!

This month we completed the siding for the Island House.

This month we completed the siding for the Island House.

The last couple of weeks have hastened past in a hurry...a blurry hurry, in fact. We've been doing a lot - seeing some good progress and squeezing in some more visits with friends in the process - impossible to underemphasize morale boosts after many months of work!  

Handmade garage doors

We built this door last summer for the garage. Delighted to install it this month!

We finished the entire siding project and even removed the plywood panels that provided us with built in staging on the pergolas for the project. A fully clad house is a joy to behold!  Celebrated that with deep sighs of relief and then some window washing to further dress up the house. 

One last outdoor project was to hang the side door for the garage. This was another we built last summer, so it's nice to see it hanging at last and it certainly livens things up outside! It's taken us some time to get used to no longer having an open air garage!

Rustic cottage closet doors

Inside, Shawn has been hand building doors and closets. He started with the upstairs walk in closet - cutting an angled door and getting it hung in short order. It went very smoothly as did the broom closet door in the kitchen. Last project was to build a closet into the second bedroom, which after some consultation with visiting friends, we sized just right. He framed it up and we then opted to build barn style doors that operate on a bi-fold rather than a full slider (space limits). The outcome was great. Priming and one coat of paint are finished, just a little more paint to go.

Next: cabinet doors for the kitchen

Shawn has also officially started the cabinet doors for the kitchen. He wanted to save the project for his closing job on the house as it takes time and concentration and it's easier to invest in those things when there aren't a lot of other "little things" hanging overhead. Perhaps some updates from that front next week.