Island House: Ceiling the Deal

It’s been too long between progress reports. We’ve made gratifying progress every day and have finally gotten our camera battery charger replaced so we have photos to share with you.

small island house living room with pine ceiling

Here’s what we’ve worked on…

We finished all the casings around the windows and doors and got them primed, caulked and painted. Shawn also built up the pass through between the dining room and living room in a way that reflects the sturdy pergola 8 x 8’s outside. We like seeing the outdoor posts while looking at the indoor ones, a reflection where one is wearing fancy clothes and the other is au natural - our own take on town mouse and country mouse.

We cased all the transitions between rooms (those without doors) and got those primed, caulked and painted. We received four of our seven doors on order (the others are dimensionally unusual and are still a couple of weeks from delivery) and got those doors hung, cased, primed, caulked and painted (are you seeing a pattern here?). Then doorknobs arrived via mail and now we have truly opening and closing doors.

The Pacific Pine tongue and groove that we are using for ceiling was delivered.

Yesterday we had our first sunny day in what seems a century but has really “only” been 5 or 6 weeks (a definite pattern there, more’s the pity) and took the opportunity to throw open the doors and let in the fresh air while we cut and fit the living room ceiling. We are insulating for sound, which turned out to be quite easy. We’ve also installed and finished the surfaces on the majority of the moulding throughout the house. We seem to be at the end of seeing raw drywall edges peeking out at us, a nice thing indeed!

And that’s about all for now.

Tonight we’re going to bring in the rest of the Pacific Pine to acclimate and getting ready for a weekend visit to friends on the mainland. Next week we’ll be back at work installing the rest of the ceilings and working toward finishing all the trim work. It’s nearly time for Shawn to transition into cabinetry work. With the warming weather it's also time to think about ordering the remaining cedar siding and getting ready for exterior finishing. Seems that we’re on track for a late May completion to the house, which is what we hoped to accomplish. Time will tell!