Ithaca House: Insulating the Slab, Preparing to Frame

Insulating above & below the slab

We have officially broken ground and begun a new project, back in our home town of Pt. Roberts. It’s been so good to be home, and we were, thanks to friends helping us move speedily along, able to get started right away.

After getting home in late May, we took a couple of days to get adjusted and then Jeff Peltier of Hank’s Backhoe Service got us off the ground by beginning our excavation and setting up our foundation concrete forms right away. We were able to easily coordinate with him and as he got pours done for us, we handled installing electrical conduits, sewer buck-outs, yard and subfloor plumbing, insulating the slab, and even doing some of the gravel work to expedite things. The pours came together well and inside of a month, we were ready to begin framing. We did take a few days off to handle some business and have a bit of leisure, but now we are officially on to framing.

Pictures are not the most exciting when you are starting groundwork - the yard is a mess, things are still semi churned up and there’s only so much excitement we can expect people to muster for our concrete work, sill plates, and the subfloor work, but for those diehard fans, it’s worth noting that we are learning as much as we can from this concrete pour in preparation to perhaps try one on our own someday. This time around, we insulated the slab, and are also installing sleepers and interior grade insulation under a 1 ⅛” plywood subfloor. Our insulation values on this home are going to be as high as we can make them - our goal being a highly energy efficient house.

And of course, thanks also to Jeff’s speedy work, along with a lot of fabulous aged manure from his family’s horses, we now have a garden growing, too. Now it’s beginning to feel like home.