No. 29 - The Hazel Cottage Accessory Dwelling Unit

Michelle Nicolosi, Designer

Drafted by S. Dehner for THE small HOUSE CATALOG

I drafted this 576 square foot (24' x 24') one bedroom, single floor accessory dwelling unit plan in 2015 for Michelle Nicolosi, who designed the house to be built in her backyard in Portland, Oregon.

While she eventually decided to go with a different plan that better suited her building site, I still think it's a great example of a simple and attractive backyard cottage design. I'm delighted she decided to share the original plan!

Michelle hired me do a modification of the No. 3 - The Ash plan, which will be released as a *bonus* in the coming weeks - so stay tuned!

No. 29 - The Hazel is available now as a free download. And a Sketchup model is also available.

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