It's Okay to Be Small

Is it possible we are all governed more by fear of losing what we have and becoming ever more self protecting? The news propagates fear and doubt and produces a culture of self pity and victimisation as if we are living in the movies we watch that seem bent on the same. The rugged individualist becomes admired and even emulated and the whole creates realms of daily fantasy instead of reality. Everyone wants to be someone well known and rich, dramatically exciting and clever. It's a sad day that we can longer just work for the sake of enjoying the creative fulfilment complete unto itself but want to be known and then admired for what we do.

- Paul Sellers, Woodworker

It's easy to overlook the fact that we live in a time when our globalizing economies, motivated by overconsumption and shareholder interests, have all but destroyed the local economies and communities where this sort of creative freedom was once practiced, taught and learned. We should not discount the fact that to be able to work for the sake of enjoying a creative fulfillment is a privilege in the modern world. 

Be grateful.

Be content to do good work.

Don't be afraid to be small.

Shawn A. Dehner2 Comments