No. 1 - Tiny House Plan (The Moschata)

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Drafted & designed by S. Dehner for THE small HOUSE CATALOG

The Moschata Tiny House "Rolling Bungalow" was one of the first tiny house plans especially designed - and actually used - for full-time living. It's a comfortable 170 sq ft that allows for a full working kitchen with a full size refrigerator, washing machine, wide sink, mini-oven, mechanical ventilation, and tons of storage and cabinetry; it has an office nook, living area with couch, propane fireplace, and site-built coffee or tea table. There's dual wheel-well storage cabinets (removeable), book shelves, a site-built folding dining table with two chairs, a queen size sleeping loft and front end storage or guest loft...and more. 

Built to be connected to a sewer or septic system it features a miniature bathtub-shower and a porcelain toilet with hand washing basin. And at 8'6" it's still wider than most tiny houses and was one of the first to stretch in the 18'-20' range. 

We lived in the original version of this tiny house for nearly three years while building the 765 sq ft Beekeeper's Bungalow. It still radiates curb appeal with its bright orange face and white trim, handsome Marvin double hung windows, and cute entry porch. Many versions of this house have since been built, download the plan and build your own, it's easy!

Featured on CNN Living, Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Design, Top 7 Sunset finalist for mobile houses, and awarded favorite tiny house rental by HomeAway in 2014 on the Today Show.


  • Estimated Cost to Build: $17,000
  • Foundation: 7' x 20' Trailer
  • Lofts:  60 sq. ft. sleeping loft, 18 sq. ft. storage/single sleeping loft.
  • Main floor ceiling height (bath & kitchen): 6'-9 1/2"
  • Main floor cathedral ceiling (living area): ~11'-0"
  • Loft height: 42" 
  • Conditioned space: 160 sq. ft. + lofts
  • Overall footprint (including porch) : 8'-6" x 20'-0" 
  • Optional dormer 


The full color PDF download includes:

  • Photographic cover sheet
  • Construction notes & design criteria
  • Exterior elevations
  • Dimensioned floor & loft plans
  • Trailer specifications 
  • Joist by joist floor framing plan
  • Stud by stud wall framing plan
  • Rafter by rafter roof framing plan
  • 3D framing overview of entire house
  • Transverse cross section
  • Roof connection section
  • Construction details (with dormer addendum)
  • Interior isometric cross section for both sides of house
  • Details for cabinetry, loft ladder, window casings, tea table, et al.
  • Electrical & plumbing plans
  • Materials list, complete appliances & fixtures lists, window & door schedules and more...
  • PDF Print size: 18" x 24" (can also be printed @ home)
  • Immediate PDF download with license to build

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