Tiny House Nation is Looking for You - Maybe.

Today we received an email from Tiny House Nation today that might be interesting to some of our readers (admittedly, we haven't seen this show):

Download a free tiny house plan

Download a free tiny house plan

My name is Heather Briggs and I’m a Casting Producer with Loud TV (a Leftfield Entertainment company, http://leftfield-entertainment.com/). We’re a full-scale television production company that creates a number of programs (Pawn Stars, Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Hunting, American Restoration) for a variety of networks including The History Channel, Discovery, A&E and National Geographic, to name a few. 

We're currently casting a holiday special of FYI's hit show, Tiny House Nation, set to air in December 2015. As part of that special, we're looking for four tiny house-friendly families in the Pacific Northwest who each have unique space and/or storage challenges with their current space. Each of these families will receive a visit from one of our Tiny House Nation hosts, who will then create and build a solution to their problem. This is a chance to bring the innovative space-saving solutions that are showcased on Tiny House Nation to houses and spaces that already exist, all with the fun of the holidays as a backdrop! 

I was wondering if you knew of anyone that might enjoy or benefit from this opportunity? We're open to people that live in spaces of all kinds - tiny houses, houseboats, apartments, etc. We may even feature one family that lives in a "normal" sized home. We'd love to talk to anyone really that might have fun with this. 

Hope to hear from you soon.



Heather BriggsCasting Producer
Leftfield Pictures
460 West 34th Street - 16th floor
New York, NY 10001

O: 212-564-2607 ext 2378
F: 212-967-7573


Shawn A. Dehner