Carson Cottage Plan 8/21/2019

Carson Cottage Plan 8/21/2019

499.00 999.00


  • Drafting + design: 8 hours @ $100.00 per hour

  • License to build fee: $99.00

  • New work request for window additions/modifications: 1 hour @ $100 per hour

  • ($500.00) deposit applied to final fees.


Customization of the Loon Mountain Lodge (B) plan. Changes include,

  1. Expanded footprint to 20’ x 38’

  2. Removal of west side bedroom

  3. Added windows per sketch (attached)

  4. Added wood stove

  5. Added gable end loft windows

Please note:

  • All county fees, project printing costs, structural engineering (if required), and any county or state mandated studies for development are the sole financial responsibility of the client.

  • THE small HOUSE CATALOG does not guarantee the issuance of any permit.

  • Payments are due upon request or at completion of work within 7 days. There will be a 2% interest charge per month on invoices over 7 days old.

  • You can view the 2019 Fee Schedule here.

Please email with any questions or if you find an error or omission in the plans.

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