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shawn dehner,

Hi, I’m Shawn. I’m a designer-draftsman living and working in Point Roberts, Washington. Through THE small HOUSE CATALOG I’ve worked on hundreds of small house projects places like in Seattle, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Portland, OR, Victoria, BC, and so many other cities and small towns in the US and Canada, including Point Roberts. I’m also a member of Passive House Canada and iPHA. I do just about everything with my wife, Jamie, who, among a million other things, also blogs for this site. We’ve (hand) built five houses over the past ten years and have broken ground on a new 1,120 square foot beach cottage project in 2019.

Please contact me at:

Small House Catalog, LLC

1574 Gulf Road #207

Point Roberts, WA 98281

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  • Tel: +1-619-787-9272

UBI #: 604-099-223