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New house plans are $3.00 per square foot (Example: 500 square foot building costs $1,500.00) and includes the following information:

3D Cover of Project

General Project Notes

Site Plan Sheet*

Foundation Plan

Floor Plan(s) with appliances & fixture locations

Floor framing plan(s)

Roof framing plan

Electrical plan

Exterior building elevations

Building cross section

Wall section detail(s)

Construction Details

Kitchen Elevations

 Bathroom Elevations

Stair Elevations & Details

Window Door Schedules & Diagrams

*Site plans sheets are typically blank requiring onsite development by the builder. Additional fees apply if these are to be developed from afar at our office. Please email for additional information.

New house plans are assessed at $2.00-3.00 per square foot depending on complexity of work.

Post-plan modifications are assessed at $75.00 per hour.