Hass House Plan

Hass House Plan

4,525.50 5,025.00

Drafting Fees:

  • House: $2,776.50 (1,851 SQ FT @ $1.50 per SQ FT drafting rate)

  • Porch: $924.00 (924 SQ FT @ $1.00 per SQ FT drafting rate)

Design Fees:

  • WSEC compliance forms ($150.00)

  • Seismic/high wind braced wall plans ($150.00)

Site plan work: Provided by client, no fee

Permitting fees: $875.00 (includes standard paperwork processing and three required trips to the WCBDS in Bellingham for pre-screening, intake and issuance).

Additional trip fee: $150.00 for pre-screening on or before February 14, 2019.

Deposit applied: -$500.00

Please email with any questions, thank you.

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