Meyer estimate + deposit request

Meyer estimate + deposit request


Estimate for drafting + design services.

Work: modify Fieldview plan per client sketches (see attached) and email/phone conversation(s). Modifications include:

  • Main floor ceiling height 9 ft in bathrooms and downstairs rooms. 6/8 ft high upstairs

  • Add spiral stairs in the TV room going up to loft. loft to be walled off and turned into two bedrooms

  • Loft over master bathroom 

  • spiral staircase in master bedroom to loft(master closet)

  • master bedroom and kitchen area peak ceilings

  • House will be on a slab

  • Additional: We will do the bottom floor 9 ft. We will raise the upper ceiling 6/8 ft. Stairs going from the living room going up to two bedrooms. The master bedroom will have a loft over the master bath and the master bed will have a peak ceiling;

Other modifications are possible upon request, additional fees may or may not apply depending on extent of work to be performed.

Rate: $2.00 per square foot

Estimated square footage: +/- 1700

Delivery date: on or before August 31, 2018.

A $500 deposit requested to schedule work and shall be applied toward final fees owed. Payment is due upon completion of work.

Please email with any questions!

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