Planet Structures (Randi Jensen Project)

Planet Structures (Randi Jensen Project)

783.00 1,383.00

Drafting Fees:

  • $1,233.00 for 411 square feet @ $3.00 per square foot.
  • Consultation hours for extensive plan modifications and ongoing change requests from client: $150.00
  • -$300.00 deposit

Richard: This client had extensive, ongoing change requests (even into the drafting process) and the floor plan deviated to such a degree that I had to design the model and submit the sketches for feedback and approval. I've added a modest fee the additional time it took to figure out the floor plan.

Also, I've created a new 11" x 17" format for Planet Structures. If you'd like it modified please let me know what changes to introduce (or eliminate). 

Thanks for the work of course and as always, please email if you find an error so I can fix it right away for you.





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