The Athabascan FMFN #468

The Athabascan FMFN #468

572.50 1,072.50

Fees: See Details Below

New plan based on Plan No. 35. Change order requested for new, more detailed work, fees applied. Requested work qualifies as *NEW* drafting and design with consultation (see details below).

  • $960.00 (320 square feet @ $3.00 per square foot)
  • $112.50 for 1.5 hours drafting on original slab plan (change request came in after this work began).
  • Porch redesign: waived
  • 25% ($268.13) rush fee upcharge: waived for educational purposes.
  • $500.00 deposit applied.

If you find an error or omission please notify me so it can be corrected right away. Also, you're welcome to change the name of the plan and add additional contact information pertinent to the project. Just let me know.

Please email anytime with any questions. 

Thank you and good luck with this project - I think what you're doing is great. 



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