No. 1M: Moschata Tiny House on Wheels (Metric Version)

No. 1M: Moschata Tiny House on Wheels (Metric Version)


This is a Signature Plan included in the General Catalog!

This is a metric transliteration of the original version. Builders in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere, will need to optimize the plan for local conditions and materials. 

Featured on CNN Living, Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Design, Top 7 Sunset finalist for mobile houses, and awarded favorite tiny house rental by HomeAway in 2014 on the Today Show.


  • Estimated Cost to Build: $17,000
  • Foundation: 7' x 20' Trailer
  • Lofts:  60 sq. ft. sleeping loft, 18 sq. ft. storage/single sleeping loft.
  • Main floor ceiling height (bath & kitchen): 6'-9 1/2"
  • Main floor cathedral ceiling (living area): ~11'-0"
  • Loft height: 42" 
  • Conditioned space: 160 sq. ft. + lofts
  • Overall footprint (including porch) : 8'-6" x 20'-0" 
  • Optional dormer plan


  • Photographic cover sheet
  • Construction notes & design criteria
  • Exterior elevations
  • Dimensioned floor & loft plans
  • Trailer specifications 
  • Joist by joist floor framing plan
  • Stud by stud wall framing plan
  • Rafter by rafter roof framing plan
  • 3D framing overview of entire house
  • Transverse cross section
  • Roof connection section
  • Construction details (with dormer addendum)
  • Interior isometric cross section for both sides of house
  • Details for cabinetry, loft ladder, window casings, tea table, et al.
  • Electrical & plumbing plans
  • Materials list, complete appliances & fixtures lists, window & door schedules and more...
  • A dormer addendum is available.

PDF Print size: 18" x 24" (can also be printed @ home)

Immediate PDF download with license to build.

See photos of the original. 

A modifiable SketchUp model is available for this plan.

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