Skyway Cottage

Skyway Cottage


Original project: Seattle (2018)

Skyway cottage is designed to be used as an accessory dwelling unit but could satisfy a variety of needs, including cottage, cabin, or a retirement or first-time home.

Plan Details:

Design standard(s): 2015 international residential code

Seismic design category: d2

Wind design category: b

First floor load: n/a

Second floor load: n/a

Roof load: prefabricated roof trusses

Snow load: 30psf

Conditioned square footage: 456 square feet

Structure dimensions: irregular, see floor plan

Porch: 8’-0” x 8’-0” (64 square feet)

Levels: 1

Overall height: 11’ - 7 1/16”

Bedrooms: 1

Bathroom: 1

Foundation: insulated slab with deep footings (fully insulated perimeter + slab)

Heating: in-floor carbonic radiant floor (maximum heat equipment output: 16,361 btus)

Water heating: electric tank

Print size: arch d 24" x 36” (a1 594 x 841); black & white sheets

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