Custom plans, drafting + Design


Drafting + Design Services

Option 1: Drafting Services:

  • Houses/porches: $2.00 per square foot

  • Decks: $1.00 per square foot

Simple, dimensioned floor plan sketches and house elevations must be provided. These can be hand drawn or delivered in digital format (PDFs or photos of sketches are typically fine too).

Design work (if needed) is $100.00 per hour.

Option 2: Drafting & Design Services:

Simple floor plan sketches are recommended but not required! We have done projects of all sizes and throughout Point Roberts.

  • Houses/porches: $3.00 per square foot

  • Decks: $2.00 per square foot

  • Post-plan modifications: $100.00 per hour

Special Services in Point Roberts

Natural Resource Assessments: $399.00 flat fee

Includes required NR site plan, paperwork ($299.00) plus one trip to the WCPDS building department ($100.00). This service is recommended to anyone who is purchasing a lot in Point Roberts.

On site assessments & consultations: $100.00

One hour visit and consultation at your building site.

Permitting Services: $800.00

Flat rate permitting is available for any project and includes standard paperwork processing plus three required visits to the building department for pre-screening, intake and issuance. We permit our clients and homeowners, builders and architects with their own plans.

This package includes,

  • Building Permit Applications and typical associated paperwork

  • Encroachment Forms

  • Water Availability Permits (includes trip to Health Department for filing)

  • County required Pre-screening for plans (includes trip to building department)

  • Intake appointments for plans (includes trip to building department)

  • Issuance pick-ups for permits (includes trip to building department)

Additional paperwork is assessed at $100.00 per hour. Additional trips to Bellingham require over a one hundred 100 mile roundtrip.

Feasibility Studies $150.00

Includes one required trip to the building department in Bellingham. STRONGLY recommended for all projects in Point Roberts to determine which, if any, county and/or state studies will be required for permitting. If you are purchasing land for development you should not purchase land until you have this report completed regardless of what any realtor or seller says. Results are available same-day as visits in most cases.

The Land Use Checklist screens for:

  • Archaeology

  • Habitat Conservation

  • Fire requirement (Title 15)

  • Flood (WCC 17)

  • Geohazards (WCC 16.16)

  • Shoreline (WCC 23)

  • Watershed

  • Wetlands (WCC 16.16)

  • Land Disturbance

  • Forest Conversions (Washington State EPA - SEPA) & Tree Removal

  • Tree Retention

We also pull reports from the Whatcom County Health Department & the Point Roberts Water District for:

  • Septic System Permit (OSS & ROSS)

  • Sewer Connection (where applicable in town)

  • Water Availability

This work must be done in person at the WCBDS office in Bellingham. We go to the building department every two weeks. If you need a study done immediately for closing there is an additional rush fee of $50.00 ( $199.00 total).

Results are available the same day as the screening is done.

Enhanced site plans: $300.00-$500.00

Flat rate for scaled 24” x 36” site plans for residential building projects. Required for permitting. Fee depends on scale of project.

Plan modifications: $100.00 per hour

Hourly rate for existing plan modifications for online customers and additional non-standard paperwork processing (e.g. Shoreline Exemption, DAHP, Washington State EPA, et al).

Additional Trip fees $150.00 ($75 each way to Bellingham )

Flat rate trip fee for additional visits to the building department, auditor’s office, health department, engineering offices, or any other office located in Bellingham (or Whatcom County) that are required for permitting. These trips are atypical but can occur on certain projects and are difficult because of the over 100-mile roundtrip drive. I make these trips every two weeks. If you need faster service there is a surcharge of $50.00 per trip ($199.00 per rush trip).


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What’s in a set of house plans?

  • 3D cover sheet with project details and code highlights

  • Foundation plan

  • Fully dimensioned floor plan with appliance & plumbing fixture locations

  • Floor framing plan

  • Roof framing plan

  • Exterior building elevations

  • Interior kitchen & bathroom elevations

  • Building cross section(s)

  • Wall section(s) with construction & envelope details

  • General construction details

  • Door & Window Schedules (sometimes diagrams)

  • IRC Fastener Schedules