Sandberg Deposit

Sandberg Deposit


Hi Sonja,

Below is an estimate and deposit request for scheduling. Please email with any questions:

  • House fees: $2,504.00 (1,252 square feet @ $2.00 per square foot)

  • Porch fees: $132.00 (66 square feet @ $2.00 per square foot)

  • Deck fees: $414.00 (552 square feet @ .75 per square foot)

  • Site plan: No additional fees

  • Pre-screening services: $149.00 for travel time to (and time at) building department.

  • Permitting services: No additional fees anticipated.

  • Please note there could be additional separate fees for engineering, if/when required by the county.

Total estimated fees are $3,199.00. A $500.00 deposit is requested for scheduling. Your deposit will be applied to the final balance owed.

Once your deposit is received you will be automatically added to my lineup.

Thank you!

Please note: All payments are due within 7 days of plan completion.

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