Permitting Fees (Estimated)

Permitting Fees (Estimated)


Flat rate permitting package is $875.00

Package includes:

Whatcom County Building & Development Services: & Whatcom County Health Department forms:

  • Public/Private Water Verification

  • OSS verification (and ROSS if applicable)

  • Building Permit Application

  • Deed verification for county

  • WSEC glazing, heating load and pathway calculations (plan required)

  • Encroachment filing

Additional paperwork, filings, and trip fees are not typical but will be required for permitting this project and shall be assessed as follows:

  • Additional paperwork, calls, emailing: $75.00 per hour. (I’m unable to estimate required time working with state + county offices for this project).

Package also includes 3 trip fees for:

  1. Prescreening

  2. Intake

  3. Permit pick-up.

Additional Trips, if required are $125.00 per trip.

Does not include printing fees.

Please email or call with any questions.

Thank you,

Note: The attached Agent Authorization is required for me to be able to submit on behalf of clients. Form can be notarized in the US or Canada, scanned and emailed to

This work is not a guarantee a permit(s) will be issued.

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