Deposit for Stevens, Tom (P-1)

Deposit for Stevens, Tom (P-1)



1574 GULF ROAD PMB #207



This is a design & drafting bid for the creation of a printable PDF plan. Design is a modification of No. 9 Tethys based on client sketches and correspondence:

  • Main floor 960 square feet (house & porches)

  • Upper floor: 960 square feet (house & porches)

  • Total fees: $1,920.00 (1,920 square feet @ $1.00 per square foot)

Delivery Date: February 28, 2018 or sooner.

Deposit: A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to be paid on or before 1.07.18 for the delivery date to be honored. Deposit is applied to total fees.

Download: Balance shall be paid to download the finished plan. Payment shall be made within five business days of completion.

Finished plan shall include the following sheets per 2015 IRC:

  • Cover Sheet

  • General Construction Notes

  • Dimensioned Floor Plans

  • Exterior Elevations

  • Building Cross Section

  • Detailed Wall Section

  • Foundation Plan & Details

  • Floor Framing Plan(s)

  • Roof Framing Plan & Details

  • Construction Details

  • Interior Elevations (Kitchens & Bathrooms)

  • Door & Window Schedules

Additional fees may apply for any additional work requested including but not limited to

  • plan or model modifications,

  • extensive emailed images

  • presentation plans for HOA, architectural boards, etc.

  • additional sheets (electrical, plumbing schematics, braced wall plans for seismic & high wind zones)

Modification includes new roof design*, redesign of foundation & footings, as required. Additional fees for structural engineering will likely be required for this plan to be permitted.

*A prefabricated truss plan will be required to accompany plan. 

Full fee schedules can be read by visiting on the Drafting & Design page.

Disclaimer can be read here

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