Personalized Drafting + Design & Full Service Permitting

THE small HOUSE CATALOG offers a variety of services from Point Roberts including:

  • Custom Drafting + Design: $1.00-$3.00 per square foot
  • Enhanced site plan development (required for permitting): $500.00 flat fee
  • Full Service Permitting: $875.00  
  • Download our Permitting for Design Clients PDF to learn more about how permitting works in Point Roberts and what to expect when permitting your project.

  • Download the entire 2018 Fee Schedule.


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Full Service Permitting: $875.00

Includes the preparation and submission of standard permitting forms**, including:

  • Building Permit Application

  • WSEC compliance forms for glazing + heating load calculations (building plan required for calculations)

  • Public/Private Water Verification

  • Approved septic system and design or sewer application

  • Natural Resources Assessments

  • Archaeology, if applicable

  • Shoreline Exemption, if applicable

  • Engineering approved revocable encroachment permit

Fee also includes three standard required trips to Whatcom County Planning & Development Services:

  • Prescreening

  • Intake/submission

  • Permit acquisition

  • Some projects may demand additional trips: $125.00 per trip.

A $150.00 feasibility checklist with the county is strongly recommended in Point Roberts before you begin planning your project.

*These services do not include county or state permitting fees and do not guarantee feasibility or the issuance of permits.

**Additional paper work and applications may be required for certain projects and are assessed at $75.00 per hour.