Welcome to Point Roberts - one of the best places in the world to build! Building in Point Roberts presents unique challenges with its unique geography and border issues. THE small HOUSE CATALOG helps clients navigate these challenges by offering project feasibility assessments, custom drafting + design and full service permitting. We also work with local builders and utilize a wide range of amazing building resources in and around Point Roberts, Vancouver, BC and the US Mainland.

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Custom Drafting + Design: $1.00-$3.00 per square foot

Dedicated Permitting Services

We offer our full permitting services to architects and homeowners in need of assistance (see details below).



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Special Permitting Services

Are you an architect or homeowner in need of permitting assistance? We can help.

 Full service permitting (paperwork): $499.00

Includes the submission of all building permit application forms, complete WSEC glazing + heating load calculations for your plan, water verification forms, OSS research + permitting forms, and NR assessment, archaeology, and shoreline exemption applications for your project.*

Required Trip fees: $125 per trip

Includes pre-screenings, required submittal dates and final permit pick-ups. The permitting process typically demands three trips ($375.00). Additional trips are not typical but may be required for certain projects.**

*These services do not include county or state permitting fees and do not guarantee feasibility or the issuance of permits.

**Additional trip fees are $125.00 per trip.